Reading List

Clarice Cliff
An up-to-date account of Clarice Cliff's life and her Bizarre pottery and influences by this noted authority on twentieth-century Decorative Arts. Well illustrated.
Author: Will Farmer
Publisher: Shire Publications, 2010
Clarice Cliff for Collectors
A concise, accessible and practical reference for collectors of all levels who want to build, display and care for a Clarice Cliff collection. Written by Australian author on A.J Wilkinson and Clarice Cliff pottery, Greg Slater, it has over 500 colour illustrations.
Author: Greg Slater
Publisher: Thames & Hudson, 2009
Clarice Cliff incl. Patterns & Price Guides
Interesting publication, its only flaw being that prices change, so is not a directly useful reference point.
Author: Andrew Casey
Publisher: Antique Collectors' Club Ltd. 2010
Clarice Cliff: The Art of Bizarre
A definitive centenary celebration of Clarice Cliff pottery by world famous expert and author Leonard Griffin, available in hard and soft-back form.
Author: Leonard Griffin
Publisher: Pavilion, 1999
Clarice Smith
A mixture of biography and social analysis. A fascinating look at the talented artist and designer Clarice Cliff
Author: Lynn Knight
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing plc
Comprehensively Clarice Cliff:
An atlas of over 2,000 patterns and shapes of A J Wilkinson and Clarice Cliff pottery.
Author: Greg Slater, Jonathan Brough
Publisher: Thames & Hudson, 2009
Taking Tea with Clarice Cliff
Bold, bright hand-painted designs and shapes are the hallmark of Clarice Cliff's pottery. This book is a directory of her extensive teapot shapes and designs, and is fully illustrated.
Author: Leonard Griffin
Publisher: Pavilion, 1996
The Best of Clarice Cliff
This book is jointly written by Sevi Guatelli and well-known Clarice Cliff expert Leonard Griffin. Multi-millionaire Sevi who was originally inspired by one of his nieces, collected only the very best of Clarice's output. His excellent choice of top of the range pieces are lavishly illustrated in this highly colourful publication.
Author: Sevi Guatelli & Leonard Griffin
Publisher: Best 50 Ltd 2008
The Bizarre Affair
Author: Leonard Griffin & Louis and Susan Pear Meisel
Publisher: Thames & Hudson (UK), Abrams (USA) 1988
The Clarice Cliff Colour Price Guide
Concise and practical guide on how to collect Clarice Cliff pottery by two early well-known enthusiasts. There is a pattern guide index of those known at the time of publishing, along with other useful sections, e.g. restoration.
Author: Howard and Pat Watson
Publisher: Francis Joseph, 1995
The Colourful World of Clarice Cliff
A 112-page book full of colour photographs of Clarice Cliff pottery from various collectors and auction houses in the UK.
Author: Howard and Pat Watson
Publisher: Kevin Francis Publishing, 1992
The Fantastic Flowers of Clarice Cliff
Author: Leonard Griffin
Publisher: Pavilion, 1998
The Rich Designs of Clarice Cliff
Author: Richard Green and Des Jones
Publisher: Rich Designs Ltd. 1995
The Rich Designs of Clarice Cliff Shapes Book
This 40-page book's aim is to help new and experienced collectors to identiy and classify Clarice Cliff's many shapes. It is full of black ink illustrations and is a useful 'at a glance' collectors guide.
Author: Terry Darrington & Richard Green
Publisher: Rich Designs, 2000
The Shorter Connection
The Shorter Connection by Irene and Gordon Hopwood contains excellent information and photographs of a family pottery firm from 1874 -1974, inter-relating A J Wilkinson, Clarice Cliff, Crown Devon and Shorter & Son pottery.
Author: Irene and Gordon Hopwood
Publisher: Richard Dennis Publications, 1992

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